Thirtyseven4 Solutions Fully Compatible with Windows 11

Microsoft announces the official release of its Windows 11 Operating System (OS).

Working closely with Microsoft, Thirtyseven4 EPS versions 7.4 and 7.60 (managed) and Thirtyseven4 Antivirus (home-use) are fully compatible on Windows 11.

For existing Thirtyseven4 installs:
Thirtyseven4 recommends users having Thirtyseven4 EPS 7.4 or 7.6 verify that they have the latest Thirtyseven4 updates applied (and rebooting the system once) prior to upgrading to Windows 11.

For new Thirtyseven4 installs:
Thirtyseven4 recommends that Thirtyseven4 Endpoint Security (managed) customers create a fresh client packager (or downloading the latest stand-alone version of Thirtyseven4 in case of home use) and use this newly created package for installing Thirtyseven4 on Windows 11.


Thirtyseven4 Antivirus solutions are available at: For more information contact Thirtyseven4 at 877-374-7581.



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