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Extended Detection and Response, or “XDR” security has emerged as a technological improvement over EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) security. EDR was developed to aid in detecting advanced attacks by the analyzation of historical endpoint activity data, and then responding to it remotely. Advancing the framework of EDR, XDR is an open cybersecurity architecture that broadens the scope of security by extending the same concept to multiple data sources, such as the network, email, and cloud infrastructure, etc., enabling visibility and context into advanced threats. XDR accomplishes this by ingesting and distilling multiple streams of telemetry. This allows and provides for more rapid detection of threats, improved investigation and proactively streamlined response times through coordinated security analysis.

Key elements of XDR:

Automated Detection and Response: Provides the capacity to instantaneously identify, gauge, and resolve known and unknown threats in real-time.

Alert Collection: Coordinates the automated assembling and correlation of network-wide warnings and alerts.

Cutting-edge Behavioral Detection: By creating profiles of incoming suspicious behavior, advanced AI and Machine-Learned algorithms monitor threatening behavior and proactively analyze system behaviors, network traffic, and file attributes to identify suspicious patterns and activities that may indicate a zero-day attack.

Data Analysis: Ability to study large volumes of information gathered from multiple data sources, such as the network, email, cloud infrastructure, etc. Powerful analytics are essential for detecting and mitigating threats before significant harm or system-infiltration is achieved.  Data analysis provides comprehension and understanding to continually evolving threat activity.

Thirtyseven4 EDR Security is on the brink of officially announcing its cyber security developments and enhanced XDR product-release.  To be contacted or to receive a Quote regarding our upcoming Thirtyseven4 XDR Security protection, please email indicating interest. 

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About Thirtyseven4 EDR Security:

Thirtyseven4 EDR Security exceeds cyber security insurance requirements and includes:

• Advanced EDR Capabilities
• A.I. based Ransomware Protection
• Next-Generation Malware Engine
• Automated Curative Response
• Advanced Next-Generation Anti-virus protection
• Automated/Monitored/Dynamic Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) functionality
• A.I. based Ransomware Protection
• Next-Generation Malware Engine
• Automated Curative Response
• Removal of Current Antivirus Product
• Integrated Patch Management
• Anti-Keylogger modules
• Asset Management
• Firewall
• PC-Tuning
• Content Filtering
• Malware Detection & Removal
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Email Security
• Advanced Device Control

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