Thirtyseven4 EDR Security: Threat Hunting

Here in Ohio, Archery season for white-tailed deer, starts later this month (September), and the key to a successful hunt involves proactive, careful, and precise planning. An expert deerstalker will scout out ideal hunting locations: potentially looking for areas with pine trees, accessible drinking water, animal tracks, and adequate space and hiding areas for sleeping or fawning.  All of these variables enable big game to feel safe.

According to the Thirtyseven4 EDR Security team, a new term has recently taken center stage within the security industry, and that term is “threat hunting”. The art of ‘threat hunting’ involves proactively rooting out cyber threats that are lurking undetected within a network. Incorporating enhanced technologies, threat hunting goes beyond conventional detection techniques that merely attempt to sniff out known malware to unearth potential threats that standard security software will miss.  Threat hunting provides a layer of proactive security that results in higher outcomes of revealed network breaches and vulnerabilities.

In much the same ways that a successful deer hunter takes note of variables such as surrounding landmarks, wind direction, and weather influences, as all having an impact upon the hunting “pressure” within a vicinity– a successful computer security ‘threat hunter’ must also proactively monitor network surroundings, looking for anomalies, unusual patterns, and cybercriminal ‘tracks’ that may have been previously missed or undetected.  Lack-of-awareness or missed-signs will result in an undetected infiltration of one’s network. 

Like a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer, so are the proactive measures of sufficient logging capabilities to a security threat hunting expert.  The more data that is being collected and analyzed in real-time, the greater the threat hunting success.

By taking an offensive (yet watchful, proactive, undetected) approach to threat hunting, the valuable main-goal (to identify/detect/respond-to potential threats more immediately) can be accomplished within an organization. 

Not unlike a hunter in season, the key to threat-hunting success involves proactive, careful, and precise planning, coupled with the incorporation of effective tactics.

 If you are interested in getting ‘a head of the game’, Thirtyseven4 EDR Security is on the brink of officially announcing its cyber security developments and enhanced Threat Hunting product-release.  To be contacted or to receive a Quote regarding our upcoming Thirtyseven4 XDR Security protection, please email indicating interest. 

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About Thirtyseven4 EDR Security:

Thirtyseven4 EDR Security exceeds cyber security insurance requirements and includes:

• Advanced EDR Capabilities
• A.I. based Ransomware Protection
• Next-Generation Malware Engine
• Automated Curative Response
• Advanced Next-Generation Anti-virus protection
• Automated/Monitored/Dynamic Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) functionality
• A.I. based Ransomware Protection
• Next-Generation Malware Engine
• Automated Curative Response
• Removal of Current Antivirus Product
• Integrated Patch Management
• Anti-Keylogger modules
• Asset Management
• Firewall
• PC-Tuning
• Content Filtering
• Malware Detection & Removal
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Email Security
• Advanced Device Control

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