Explanation of Handling Thirtyseven4 Endpoint Security Updates Remotely- Per Corona Situation

Thirtyseven4 fully understands that due to the unprecedented and sudden state lockdowns many schools, churches and businesses are navigating unchartered waters with laptops and other devices leaving internal networks as employees, teachers, and students are mandated to work from home/remotely.   

Keeping your devices updated and secure is of the utmost importance to the Thirtyseven4 Team, and we are continually at work to best serve our customers, even in the midst of these fluctuating work environments.

Thirtyseven4 strongly encourages regular Updates to devices, and we also understand that there are many scenarios defining Networks at this time.

Our most popular User Inquiry has been pertaining to how users will be able to receive the Thirtyseven4 Endpoint Security updates.

Please read the following scenarios and apply the one that best serves your Network situation:

Scenario 1: 
The Thirtyseven4 Endpoint Security Cloud Roaming Platform was already enabled prior to your laptops leaving the network. (The Cloud Roaming Service is located via the EPS Console webpage > Admin Settings > Clients > Roaming Clients)

In this scenario, there is no further action needed on your end.  Through the Thirtyseven4 Cloud Roaming service, your offsite users will automatically be communicating successfully with your EPS Console and pulling updates internally via this cloud service. Likewise, if you wanted to make changes to a Managed Policy, run a centralized Scan or generate a Report that would also be possible.

Scenario 2:

If the noted Thirtyseven4 Cloud Roaming service was not enabled, and the systems have left your internal network indefinitely for the time being, your off network clients will not be able to communicate with your internal EPS Console.  In this scenario, to make it possible for your clients to receive their daily updates, you (or your users) will have to modify the local Thirtyseven4 Endpoint Security Update Settings to retrieve updates via the Internet.  There are two methods:

  1. If you have access to the system in question, you can open Thirtyseven4 Endpoint Security on the local system. Once opened, click Settings (this will require the Thirtyseven4 client password) > locate Automatic Updates > click the tool icon to the right of this setting > under ‘Select update mode’ choose ‘Download from Internet’.

Please note: In the case above, when the device does re-enter the internal network and communicates back to the Thirtyseven4 EPS Console, the EPS Console policy for updating the client via the EPS Console, will automatically re-established.

  1. If you don’t have access to the device in question and/or you don’t want to distribute the Thirtyseven4 client password to your users (which Thirtyseven4 does not recommend!), they can also change the update setting without a password by doing the following. Locate the Thirtyseven4 system tray icon (blue ‘t’) > right-click the icon and select ‘Update from internet’ > once selected right-click the icon again and select ‘Update Now’.  This will not get the automatic updates started.

Please note: In the case above, when the device does re-enter the internal network and communicates back to the Thirtyseven4 EPS Console, the EPS Console policy for updating the client via the EPS Console, will not automatically be re-established.

Other Comment:

If the Thirtyseven4 EPS Console Cloud Roaming service was not enabled, we would strongly advise you to enable it now.  However, PLEASE NOTE that by enabling the Roaming Client now, this WILL NOT provide the (previously existing) clients to automatically connect via the Cloud to obtain updates (you must instead follow the previous scenarios). 

However, in moving forward, for that to occur, the client will have to connect back to the internal network and communicate with the EPS Console successfully for the new policy to be applied locally.  Once the communication is successful, when that system moves outside the network, it will now be able to utilize the Cloud service to communicate back to the EPS Console. 

Inquiries and questions are welcomed at support@thirtyseven4.com or by accessing our Webpage (www.thirtyseven4.com) and clicking on the “Support” tab.

The Thirtyseven4 Team is privileged to be serving you and we are doing all that we can to meet and exceed your needs during this unique time.


The Thirtyseven4 Team



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