Thirtyseven4 EDR Security – Threat Prevention Intelligence (AI) Technology

Our daily juggling act to stay current in our cross-platform, multi-device world keeps us connected and informed in real-time.   But this raw dependence on technology demands proactive protection of our systems. Ransomware and vulnerabilities are tangible threats, and their devastating effects can cripple a school, business, or church network. To combat the ever-increasing (and savvy!) threats, the necessity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) (the creation of computer systems that have been taught to think and learn like humans), is becoming essential in order to continuously adapt and stay one step ahead of today’s rapidly evolving threats, many of which did not exist “yesterday”. 

While “yesterday’s” conventional antivirus programs relied heavily on static detection (identifying threats upon a signature-based blacklist that compares files against a database of known malware signatures), Thirtyseven4 EDR Security ThreatLab malware detection statistics for Quarter 1 (Jan. – March), 2023 showed that traditional methods of detection are only effective at stopping approximately 85% of malware encountered. 

Enter Thirtyseven4 EDR Security with its an Industry-Leading proprietary Threat Prevention Intelligence (AI) Technology providing robust, proactive, behavior-based detection with Immediate Threat Response. 

By leveraging and integrating Threat Prevention Intelligence (AI) Technology of “today”, Thirtyseven4 EDR Security incorporates detection and prevention of (both) previously known and unknown malware by ingesting large amounts of labeled training data and analyzing the data for correlations and patterns in real-time against Thirtyseven4 pre-loaded security policies, tools and advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. Thirtyseven4 EDR Security will use these patterns and machine-learned training models to make predictions about future cyber threats and to continually update and refine threat detection capabilities.  

Other significant advantages of Thirtyseven4 EDR Security AI technology include: 

The ability to identify and combat zero-day attacks (an exploit that takes advantage of a security weakness in software even before the developers can fix it). Thirtyseven4 EDR Security AI algorithms also proactively analyze system behaviors, network traffic, and file attributes to identify suspicious patterns and activities that may indicate a zero-day attack. This proactive approach helps in detecting and mitigating threats with due patches before they can cause significant harm. 

Staying technologically ahead, with the ability to respond faster to emerging threats, by incorporating continuous learning and adaptation: Thirtyseven4 EDR Security can swiftly update and deploy new security measures to counter evolving threats well in advance. 

Trust us to protect you.

About Thirtyseven4 EDR Security:

Thirtyseven4 EDR Security exceeds cyber security insurance requirements and includes:

• Advanced EDR Capabilities
• A.I. based Ransomware Protection
• Next-Generation Malware Engine
• Automated Curative Response
• Advanced Next-Generation Anti-virus protection
• Automated/Monitored/Dynamic Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) functionality
• A.I. based Ransomware Protection
• Next-Generation Malware Engine
• Automated Curative Response
• Removal of Current Antivirus Product
• Integrated Patch Management
• Anti-Keylogger modules
• Asset Management
• Firewall
• PC-Tuning
• Content Filtering
• Malware Detection & Removal
• Vulnerability Scanning
• Email Security
• Advanced Device Control

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