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Thirtyseven Exchange Protection

Version 4.0

Thirtyseven4 Exchange Protection (TSEP) is the latest solution in our industry leading, ever-growing Thirtyseven4 security product line. After much demand (and input!) from our customers, TSEP has been developed to safeguard our customer inboxes against the latest email-borne threats and annoyances. Installed at the gateway level, TSEP intercepts viruses, spam and other email exploits before your users have a chance to open them. TSEP incorporates our Core Protection engine, our AntiSpam engine and our new cutting-edge Content Filtering technology, making TSEP the ideal choice for MS Exchange Server Protection.

standard features

Core Protection

The robust virus scanning engine of Thirtyseven4 Exchange Protection 4.0 detects viruses, malware and other types of infections. To maximize management of virus identification, virus scanning may be initiated at three different levels: Real Time Scan, Hub Transport Scan, and Edge Transport Scan.


AntiSpam provides you the ability to set rules for protection of all inbound and outbound emails. When you set the AntiSpam feature, all inbound and outbound messages are filtered by our Cloud-based AntiSpam engine and tagged so that you can easily identify messages that have been identified as spam.

Content Filtering

Thirtyseven4 Exchange Protection 4.0 introduces our new Content Filtering engine. With Content Filtering, all emails are filterd based on various filtering criterias such as, sender or sender’s domain, keywords located in the subject line, file type and/or file name, and words or phrases in the body text so that all suspicious emails are quickly identified and filtered.

Scheduled Scans

The Thirtyseven4 Exchange Protection 4.0 Scheduled Scan component allows users to define a scan schedule so that the mailboxes and public folders are scanned automatically at a desired time/date. You may define multiple schedules so scanning is initiated at your convenience. Additionally, you also have the flexibility to scan your mailboxes manually by using the integrated Store Scan feature.


Thirtyseven4 Exchange Protection 4.0 has an easy-to-use administration console that you may customize according to your preferences. You may also apply protection rules for the Content Filtering and AntiSpam modules at your convenience, and monitor various features and reports. Reports provide a detailed view of all the actions and events that TSEP logs.

System requirements

Thirtyseven4 Exchange Protection 3.0:
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 x 64 Service Pack 1 (Rollup 4 and later) / Service Pack 2 / Service Pack 3
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 1 / Service Pack 2

Thirtyseven4 Exchange Protection 4.0:
Microsoft Exchange 2013

Post-Install Check List

After installing SQL Server, ensure the following:
SQL Server service is running
SQL Server Browser service is running
Add Firewall exception for SQLServer (Default port – 1433 TCP)
Add Firewall exception for SQLBrowser (Default port – 1434 UDP)

Note: SQLServer and SQLBrowser ports may vary depending on your system.

Browser Compatibility
Internet Explorer (IE) 8.0 and later
Firefox 3.6 and later, Google Chrome 10 and later

get protected today

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get protected today

Call 877-374-7581 to schedule your free online demo.

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